Socially responsible FROZEN WELLNESS SHOTS delivering an anti-inflammatory nutrition biohack containing organic turmeric and ginger roots.  Pure, simple addition to create inflammation reducing teas, smoothies, shakes, golden drinks and cocktails.


How do you drink it....

Our History...

ROOTS SQUARED: Our performance athelete medical doc biohacked a complementary natural treatment for his heart inflammation issues. The result tasted better than powders on the market and has no added water or filler juices. People begged him for it. Now it’s a company.

CRYO-WHAT-NOW? Freezing too slowly or too quickly kills nutrients. Our process minimizes nutrient losses during preservation by optimizing the rate of ice crystal formation.

ORIGINS Ingredients matter. 100% raw, organic, double- washed and cold pressed in a certified organic facility. Brought to you by an independent local biz selling products made in Ontario.

REGENERATIVE: Beyond “Zero Waste”, we turn organic waste from our pulp processing into anti-inflammatory treats for our furry pet friends. Our sensible packaging initiative to make our portion cups, labels and packaging 100% compostable is approaching 90% compostability.

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