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Effect of Offseason Root Rescue® Supplementation on Subjective Measures of Performance and Total Body Muscle Soreness.

Introduction. We conducted 2 studies of professional hockey players training in the offseason to understand if 6 weeks of Root Rescue® supplementation (containing 4.8 mg active curcuminoids, 15.7 mg active gingerols per shot influenced: 1) subjective measures of performance change; and 2) subjective measures of total body soreness, assessed on a Visual Analog Scale. The first trial was of 12 players taking 2.5 shots/week for 6 weeks (2019). The second trial was of 14 players taking 3.5 shots/week for 6 weeks (2020).


Conclusion.  This pilot study finds a trend towards decreasing self-reported muscle soreness among professional NHL hockey players during offseason training after consuming either 2.5 or 3.5 shots/week for a 6-week period. Though no claims can be made about statistical or clinical significance of the effects, this was not the objective of these studies. We require future studies, adequately powered to detect these differences with a larger sample size, and possibly objective measures of circulating markers of inflammation and pain-related markers.