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Inflammation is Ruff.

They don't complain about their pain. They won't complain about taking their medicine either.

Our pets suffer from many of the stressors that we do. And they can mitigate many of the adverse effects of inflammation the way we do, too.

Dogs can have gut problems, heart issues, diabetes and painful joints. Even seasonal allergies.

The starches and sugars found in most kibble (yes, even the expensive stuff) increase the inflammatory response and water consumption compared with pets fed a raw or cooked diet.

Awareness of how chronic inflammation works in our fur-brethren is driving demand for anti-inflammatory products like ours.


We take the pulp by product from our juice production and  freeze dry it, lab test it,  grind it and then make it available for the anti-inflammatory benefit of our furry friends.

Improve Gut Health
Use the anti-inflammatory nature of ginger and turmeric to calm the digestive tract. It's a natural source of prebiotic fibre, too!


Heart Protection
A dog's heart can beat up to 220 times per minute. Give it some extra care by reducing inflammatory stress.


Immunity Booster
Doggos can get seasonal colds & have allergies. Root Rescue Pets! powder can help boost immunity- especially as the seasons change.


Some days we're just too sore to go for a walk. Managing inflammation more effectively leads to fewer days spent curled on the couch. 


Weight & Sugar Control
Dogs may be more at risk for things like diabetes, obesity and pancreatitis with so many eating a kibble-only diet. This can be hard on the kidneys & liver- leading to further inflammation. Keep it under wraps.

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