Inflammation is a scourge. Know your enemy.

Be the athlete of your day, year, or life. Whether you're trying to win a race, feel better in general, or continue to function well down the road, addressing inflammation is a good place to start.

Turmeric + ginger shots & powder

Fan Mail

Hear from elite athletes and everyday folks who benefit from our anti-inflammatory nutrition

I start each day with a Root Rescue Wellness Harmony shot. The ingredients in their shots have been proven by research to enhance the immune system, prevent and/or reduce joint inflammation and improve digestion. But the real reason that I keep using it is that  I've grown to love the way it tastes and makes me feel!

As an athlete, you learn about the multitude of benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet to prevent injury and enhance recovery, but it can sometimes be difficult to regularly incorporate these practices into your routine. These juice shots make it easy! 

These juice shots take some of the thought and planning out of my recovery and make it so much more enjoyable. They are honestly all amazing.

Root Rescue Wellness Shots have become a daily part of my nutritional routine. I try to either start or end my day with a Harmony Shot - the ginger and turmeric with hot water are a nice change from coffee.  Sometimes I even have it before my coffee to fire up my system!  At the end of a long day, it is a soothing balm for my stomach - especially if I have over-indulged at dinner - ginger is great for digestion!  I also believe in the anti-inflammatory powers of turmeric, and we all need less inflammation in our lives.  In the summer, I mix a shot with mineral water and a splash of lemon and it is the most refreshing drink ever!

Your story is incredible. It was mesmerizing to learn that you are a true Scientist willing to think outside of his box, and then ultimately researching and developing a product based on your own anecdotal evidence. Talk about inspirational.I think you have something great in the works. It's very exciting, I would be proud to promote and recommend your products to clients and family & friends.

My elderly mom fell and tore a muscle in her shoulder. Doctors told her that inflammation was causing her pain and medication would be needed manage it. After a few months the prescribed meds seemed to create a whole new set of problems. We then found Ravi's Cold Press Shots! My mother has been taking Harmony Shots every morning in a tea form, is no longer on any pain meds and has no more unbearable pain.

For Athletes

Root Rescue Wellness Shots  manage exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness to enhance recovery and athletic performance.

For Wellness

Root Rescue Wellness Shots aid in the prevention and management of  inflammatory conditions such as cardiovascular disease, pre-diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's - while maximizing health benefits for every body.

For Pets

Not just for humans!  Root Rescue Pets! Powders are a co-product made from our Zero Waste Process that aids in the management of inflammatory conditions, arthritis, gut health and anxiety for our furry best friends so we can spend more quality time together.

Our Process

Roots Squared

Our performance athelete medical doc biohacked a complementary natural treatment for his heart inflammation issues. The result tasted better than powders on the market and has no added water or filler juices. People begged him for it. Now it’s a company.


Freezing too slowly or too quickly kills nutrients. Our process minimizes nutrient losses during freezing for a superior product.

Ingredients Matter

Ingredients matter. 100% raw, organic, double- washed and cold pressed in a certified organic facility. Brought to you by an independent local biz selling products made in Ontario.


Beyond “Zero Waste”, we turn organic waste from our pulp processing into anti-inflammatory treats for our furry pet friends. Our sensible packaging initiative to make our portion cups, labels and packaging 100% compostable is approaching 90% compostability.