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Hello my name is Dr Ravi Mohan and I would like to share my biohack of cold pressed juice designed to maximize nutrient retention.  

Using  a patent pending Cold Pressed Cryopreservation Process , we have created a family of non medicinal  anti- inflammatory cocktails engineered for potent scientifically proven anti-inflammatory effects coupled with great taste. 

S2 Harmony contains raw , pressed organic root ginger and  raw pressed organic root turmeric. Melted simply with a cup of hot water and optional spoon of honey this "cold pressed tea shot" is a wonderful morning drink. 

fast smoothie in less than 25 seconds.  Alternatively, just mix with your own smoothie!

S3 Elite Beet contains red beet plus minimum 25% of the original S3, ginger, turmeric and wheatgrass. The combination anti-inflammatory nutrients and nitrates from the beets  provides high dose nutrition for high performance athletes.