Our Process

What’s in a shot

When we started Root Rescue Wellness, we needed to ensure that our clients had the most amount of information about what they were putting into their bodies.  We went to great lengths to determine the precise quantity of active ginger and curcumin in all our products. 

One of the unique properties of our Root Rescue products is that all of our clients benefit from our products without the need to add blackpepper / piperidine to improve curcumin bioavailability.  We strongly believe that this is due to our processing which preserves the natural oils in the roots and serves as a carrier molecule to naturally improve bioavailability.

How long do they last?

Just before we launched our vials, we wanted to see how long our product would last in the fridge once thawed by the client. Our products are vegan, raw and organic. We conducted a shelf life study on our Beet Vials to monitor microbial growth in the products when stored at refrigerated temperature after defrosting. 

Waste not, because there is nothing to waste.

Our Ginger and Turmeric Processing is unique  for a few reasons beyond being a raw, vegan, organic cold pressed juice product. Here are a few things that set us apart from the crowd.

  • our entire cold chain process from root to frozen product takes less than 8
    hours which means minimum oxidation from the atmosphere
  • we peel the organic ginger and turmeric, just enough to remove the earthy taste of the skin, but leave enough on to preserve the root oils
  • we have scientifically tested the ginger and turmeric peels, juice and pulp by product from juicing and all have high levels of gingerol and curcumin. 
  • we take the pulp by-product and freeze dry it (to remove water without applying heat and nutrient content) to produce the worlds first and only freeze ginger and turmeric powder made in Canada. 


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