Why we created Project Frontline.

In a span of 2 weeks, the world has changed immeasurably. Its a crazy time, but not an impossible one.  We arrived back from the Caribbean on March 19, 2020 to a different Canada.  As a practising physician at University Health Network, Sinai Health and Women's College Hospital,  I was fortunate to have limited abilities to work remotely from self isolation , but I was updated daily on what was indeed happening on the frontlines. 

It was then my wife, Helen came up with Project Frontline.  She felt that we were soon going to see a a real strain on frontline workers.  Helen's vision was to provide something to the frontline workers, to provide some measure of comfort  and simply for them to know that they are appreciated.  A gesture that cannot be understated. 

 2 years ago , after being diagnosed with inflammatory myocarditis, my wife Helen  and I started a small business  taking raw organic  turmeric and ginger root and creating bags of tea - produced in Ontario. As you know Organic Turmeric and Ginger have long been regarded as potent immune support nutrients.

For our 14 Day isolation period, we made the decision to create a new product, Frontline tea, and to offer as a donations to our Frontline workers.

The idea would be to start in the ER, ICU, Respite or Assessment centers of my three institutions and any other institutions  until our inventory is gone.

Our journey in self isolation.

Certified organic turmeric and ginger  are shredded and squeezed in London, Ontario. All the oil-rich skins and remaining pulp are freeze-dried in Lachute, Quebec to make our tea powder.  The tea bags are filled individually by hand.

Immune support for those who support.

We are in real uncharted territory and those of us on the inside recognise the strength of our collective actions. The frontline needs the support. Now more than ever. In whatever manner you can, share your appreciation.


 If you are a front line worker:

  • Please enjoy  the tea.  If you cannot get any, please let me know and we will try and get it to your institution. 
  • Please share any stories or pictures about your life on the frontlines with us either by email (info@rootrescuewellness.com) or on Instagram (@Rootrescuewellness.com, #projectfrontline)

If you just want to help out:

  • Contact us at info@rootrescuewellness.com for details on how you can help out with Project Frontline.



Helen and Dr. Ravi Mohan







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