Anti-inflammation for Chronic Disease


Inflammation sucks. And once we are struggling with chronic disease it can feel like a endless battle. The need for medicine is essential. The need for anti-inflammatory nutrition is undeniable. 

The body detects injurious stimuli, there can be a neuroendocrine response such as fever, a blood response, and a metabolic response. Initially, the innate (instinctive) immune system responds. White blood cells as well as cytokines work together to fight against the injury. 

Interleukins and Tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha are important substances that assist in a wide variety of inflammatory reactions. The release of these substances leads to the production of acute phase reactants like fibrinogen, sialic acid, and  c-reactive protein. If the injurious stimuli persist, many acute phase reactant levels remain elevated. 

Clinically, low-grade inflammation is defined as a two to four-fold elevation in circulating levels of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines. While not meant to be an extensive list, here's the low-down on how inflammation contributes to some major diseases.

In Cardiometabolic Disease, the role of inflammation in the early-stage pathophysiology of arterial blood clots has been recognised for over two decades. The flood of white blood cells into damaged arteries initiates a cascade of events that propagates atherosclerosis. Rupture plaques in turn cause an inflammatory response, which leads to further clots inside the blood vessels.

In Diabetes, fatty tissue enlargement is associated with immune cell infiltration, in particular that of macrophages and T cells. These cells release a host of pro-inflammatory chemicals that impede the insulin signalling cascade, leading to insulin resistance. This ultimately leads to a dysregulation of glucose and lipid metabolism in fatty tissue, skeletal muscle and liver.

In Arthritis (OA), inflammation-mediated joint pain is a major cause of morbidity in society. 

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