Anti-Inflammation for Athletes

Overview of Inflammation and Exercise


  • Very high-intensity exercise paradigms are accompanied with the elevation of a specific set of cytokines that includes IL-6 and the unequivocally pro-inflammatory TNFα
  • In that context, these myokines most likely contribute to the immunocompromised and inflammatory state that is observed after extreme physical activity.


10 September 2017

Can Antioxidants Help the Endurance Athlete?

Lisa J Elkington, Maree Gleeson, David B Pyne, Robin Callister, and Lisa G Wood

  • Endurance athletes, such as those competing in the individual sport of running, cycling, swimming and triathlon, undertake many hours of aerobic exercise training each week.
  • Endurance training relies on oxygen use in skeletal muscle to provide the energy for these activities.
  • The oxidative nature of this training may increase the production of free radicals, which are highly reactive, and antioxidant defences are necessary to protect cells from free radical damage.
  • This potential to damage cells is described as oxidative stress and may result in an inflammatory response from the immune system to protect host tissues.