Why are we different ?


  PURITY:  Of course everything we produce is 100%  raw, organic, double washed and peeled in a climate controlled cold pressed production/supply chain. Anything  else would be pointless.

  ANTI-INFLAMMATORY COCKTAIL: We have taken a scientific approach to creating S2 and S3 Cocktails  grounded in peer reviewed scientific literature. There is undeniable evidence that both ginger and turmeric have very potent anti-inflammatory health benefits. No claims. Just verifiable evidence.

  NO FILLERS:  No water or filler apple/carrot juices added.  The shots are strong and concentrated because they contain just the vegetables and no volume expanders.  Shots are guaranteed to improve the flavour of any smoothie or tea you are drinking. Period.

  CRYOPRESERVATION: We are not simply putting cold pressed juice in the freezer. Freezing too slow or freezing too fast  promotes nutrient degradation. We have gone one step further and filed a patent that optimizes the rate of ice crystal formation and minimizes losses due to dehydration during preservation. Moreover, we store our juice at -86 oC ( the same temperature that DNA is stored at!) prior to shipping to ensure maximal nutrient preservation. That’s real cold.

  DAILY:  This is not a Reboot, Cleanse or Detox. The convenience and versatility of the shots are meant to allow for daily, sustainable use.  Our bodies prefer gradual long term change, and our shots provide that daily dose of non-medicinal anti-inflammation nutrients, which can only make us better.  It’s a lifestyle habit thing.